“ x ” factor, fast approaching..

So let’s make this very clear, what we’ve experienced in the stock market to date is far from normal. In fact, these are the kinds of outlier events that will likely be talked about in the finance textbooks for decades to come. With already far more value being erased from the NASDAQ than during the entire dot-com crash of the 2000s, its easy to understand why so many retail investors have already given up all hope, packed their bags and called it quits.

But unfortunately for them, that decision to surrender will almost unquestionably end up becoming one of the worst financial decisions of their lives. Because throughout all of modern history, one thing has remained constant in the stock market. Which is that every single bear market has been followed by an even bigger bull market.

So lets just say that the amount of wealth that will be made over the coming years by those of us who are willing to endure this temporary pain will be extraordinary to say the very least. Now there’s several major catalysts that are either currently happening or that are about to take place that you must be aware of, plus two “ x “ factors that not many people are talking about but that could change everything. So lets get right into the good stuff.

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6:49 – “ x ” factor
15:30 – Amazon vs. Tesla
17:29 – This one simple tax loophole will literally save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS..
20:00 – Tesla: Complete Domination.
22:10 – My one major concern with Palantir..
24:15 – Hims & Hers, this is ALMOST UNHEARD OF!
27:10 – The Chinese Dilemma: NIO
29:21 – Planet 13’s Future..
30:32 – Unity’s Unforgivable Blunder?!
33:45 – Voyager Digital – F*ck.
36:00 – Update on Mining Stocks
36:32 – The Unfortunate Demise of Terra Luna
39:02 – This changed my life completely.
42:09 – Recession Incoming?!
44:04 – Swing Trading during Bear Markets
45:12 – Holding vs. Taking Losses and Reinvesting into Higher Conviction Investments

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