WOW so I have a TON of information to share with you guys today, so lets not waste anytime at all and lets get right into it! So whether its Elon Musk firing back at Bernie Sanders and threatening to sell even more shares of Tesla or the news that Mt. Gox is all of a sudden coming back from the grave almost 7 years later and with it will be re-introducing 141,686 BTC back into the market.. in other words its been quite a wild past couple of days to say the very least. 

Now if you’re newer to the crypto space then you’ve probably never heard of Mt. Gox before. But back in the day, or more specifically at the start of 2014 their platform was the biggest bitcoin exchange in the world by far and just to put this into perspective, at one point their platform was handling over 70% of all bitcoin transactions worldwide!

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