this will change your life..

So for as long as I can remember, I’ve safeguarded my thoughts as if they were my most precious possession in this entire world. Because in a sense they really are.

You see everyday that you wake up, you have a choice about how you decide to perceive the circumstances, the people, and all of the things that are constantly happening all around you. But even more importantly, you have a choice as to what kind of thoughts predominately fill up your mind throughout the day. 

Be honest with yourself, are they mostly negative or positive thoughts? 

But now lets take this thought experiment to a whole other level. Close your eyes for a second and just imagine, what would happen if suddenly your thoughts were reincarnated into a physical human being that was sitting right beside you right now. 

How would that make you feel, and more importantly do you think this person is somebody that you’d like to be friends with, or would you likely despise them? 

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