January Has Been a Rocket Ship (but this happens next..)

Year to date, minus holidays there has been a total of 14 trading days,

and in those two weeks..

Tesla is up 32%

Netflix is up 21%

Amazon is up 15%

Shopify is up 25%

Hims & Hers is up 20%

But how has crypto fared one may ask? Well, even better, far better actually.

Bitcoin is up 38%

Ethereum is up 35%

Cardano is up 50%

Solana is up 148%

Now all of the above would be considered absolutely INCREDIBLE annual returns for just about any of the best investors on the planet. Key word here being annual, as in if these gains took place over an ENTIRE YEAR, that would undoubtedly be considered an amazing year for any investor.

Yet all of this has taken place in just a matter of weeks instead of months, which is mind blowing to say the least and it perfectly demonstrates just how volatile the markets can be, both to the downside and now to the upside. 

So what does this all mean for us as investors, and most importantly will this uptrend continue and if so how can we position ourselves right now to ensure that we capture the biggest possible return on our investments? 

Let’s get straight into the good stuff!

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