it was inevitable.. 🚀

Hey guys, hope you’re all having a wonderful start to your week! And I just have a couple of quick updates:

1 ) Tesla just reported earnings today and they were nothing short of SPECTACULAR, with them bringing in over 2 BILLION DOLLARS in operating income in a SINGLE QUARTER! And mind you that this is a company that many critics were often saying would never even become profitable  😂

Oh and they did this with over 30% margins, which is simply UNHEARD of in the automotive industry and is even more impressive when you consider that they accomplished this feat while dealing with a worldwide supply chain shortage! 

PLUS Giga Berlin and Texas will soon both be ramping up production at the same time as well 🔥 🚀

2 ) Bitcoin just SMASHED through ALL TIME HIGHS, and is currently sitting at about $65,906 for 1 BTC

And what do you think is going to happen when countries like Russia who absolutely hate using USD as a reserve currency and who in fact have already began to move away from using USD for trade, then decide to instead make bitcoin legal tender and to use it for trade just like countries like El Salvador have already done?!

in other words, ₿ is inevitable.. 

3 ) And with this huge recent bitcoin rally, CLSK which was one of our newest trade alerts from Monday is already up 12% in just 2 days and the call options are currently up around 20%! Which is incredible, but this is just the beginning.

4 ) I also made a video several months ago talking about why I strongly believed that Pinterest would be the PERFECT acquisition target for companies like Amazon or Microsoft.. well turns out PayPal is in talks to now acquire PINS for over $70 / share 

5 ) I’ll be recording our next exclusive podcast episode later this week, so if you have any questions at all that you’d want me to answer in-depth in the next episode please do remember to leave your questions in the comment section below:

Much love,
George  ❤️