DOUBLED OUR PORTFOLIO in less than 6 months ($10,000+ GAINS)

BOOM! And just like that our 10K to $100K+ Challenge: Crypto Edition has now more than doubled from its starting amount in less than 6 months. More specifically this portfolio has now accumulated over $10,879 in GAINS for us, which accounts to a 65% return on our money!

Which is simply PHENOMENAL, but that’s not all.. because crypto isn’t the only thing that’s been absolutely skyrocketing for us as of late. In fact the stocks editions of our challenge after being significantly in the red for the majority of this year is instead now sitting on over $2,741 in GAINS as well!

So by now I know that some of you guys are probably starting to get a bit tired of me constantly preaching the importance of being patient, but honestly it is just such a critical and inevitable component of becoming a successful investor. And the recent moves of our portfolios prove exactly why this is the case, so please never forget: 

“The stock market is a wonderfully efficient mechanism for transferring wealth from the impatient to the patient.” – Warren Buffet

Also I’m beyond excited to announce that episode #3 of our patreon exclusive podcast is now officially ready to go! I had a lot of fun making this one for you guys, so I hope you enjoy it and get a ton of value from it!


0:15 – Tesla Stock is going to $10,000
6:07 – Chainlink vs. Solana
9:45 – What you didn’t know about Bitcoin.. this will blow your mind!
14:33 – Best Platform to Buy Crypto + How to Access my Portfolios
16:07 – Why you should never sell your winning investments and how to avoid paying a single penny in taxes!
19:10 – Dividend Stocks?! No thank you.
21:49 – My thoughts on Teladoc
23:15 – Identifying Projects like Solana Early On
27:10 – Don’t have enough money to Invest?! Battling Adversity!
31:15 – Learn a High Income Skill (Side Hustles)
32:41 – Voyager Digital still a Good Investment?!
36:17 – Secrets to Becoming an NFT Millionaire
39:20 – The REAL reason people are willing to pay $300K+ for a watch..
42:02 – My thoughts on LUNA
43:08 – The KEY to Building a High Growth Portfolio
45:25 – How to know EXACTLY when to Sell a Stock!
47:56 – What the f*ck is happening with ADA?!
50:58 – Palantir: The Future is Artificial Intelligence

And as always you can listen to this full exclusive podcast and read the full post, directly on Patreon: 

Much love,