don’t blink.. it happens fast!

WOW so the markets have been on an absolute RAMPAGE! But even more importantly, the past 15 trading days has literally been a picture perfect example as to just how quickly the overall market sentiment can change. And keep in mind that this is despite there still being record high inflation, supply chain issues ongoing, commodity prices still soaring, and an entire war still taking place and still far from resolved in Ukraine.

Yet despite all of these aforementioned negatives, many of our favorite growth stocks such as TSLA, SHOP, NIO, PLTR, HIMS, SQ, PLNHF, LMND, TWTR, and U are all up anywhere between 30 – 65%+ and all of this has taken place in less than just 21 days, or more specifically since March 14th.

This screenshot above is from my Robinhood account’s performance over the past month alone, and keep in mind that this doesn’t include anything from my main brokerage account (TD Ameritrade) which is actually where I hold the vast majority of my TSLA shares. Thus the gains from that account in particular over the past month are just on a whole other stratosphere of its own.

And I’m sharing this information with you guys not to brag or show off, but to simply prove an important point. Patience pays, and it pays extremely well when it comes to investing. So its absolutely critical that you never let temporary negative circumstances rob you from reaching the financial freedom that you deserve and that awaits you on the other side. 

Yes at times throughout your investing journey you may feel stupid for holding, and yes quite a few people will even laugh at you. But trust me those are the very same people that will be asking you for advice or even better call you “lucky” in a couple of years ; )

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.”  – Jerry Rice

Now get ready because this will be one of my most in-depth and value packed trade alerts ever. As I have a tremendous amount of extremely important updates to share with you guys, so lets get right into the good stuff! And as always you can read the full post, directly on Patreon:

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