85% chance that this happens..

9.1% the now infamous cpi print which absolutely dominated the financial headlines and took the markets by storm this week. And for valid reason, as this is the largest gain in inflation the US has seen in over four decades or more specifically since 1981. This is thanks in large part to the much higher prices for gasoline, shelter, and food costs.

85% chance that this happens.. 1 George Perez Trade Alert

Now the next FOMC meeting will be held on July 27th and after this shocker of a cpi print the markets are now pricing in an over 42% chance that the Federal Reserve raises rates by a full percentage point to achieve a target rate of between 2.5 – 2.75%

85% chance that this happens.. 3 George Perez Trade Alert

Which sounds all good and dandy on paper but there’s a far more cynical and much bigger story happening behind the scenes that nobody is really talking about. Yet it is critical to understand this as it points directly to what is likely going to happen over the next 90 days in the stock market. Hint, things are about to change drastically.

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