40% PORTFOLIO RETURNS in less than 4 months ($5,400+ GAINS)

WOW so as I write this post, we are now up over $5,400 on our positions in our 10K to $100K+ Challenge: Crypto Edition. This equates to an over 40% return on our money in just FOUR MONTHS, which is just ABSOLULTELY INCREDIBLE. 

Also just for some perspective, this very same portfolio was down well over 50% just a couple of weeks ago.  So think about that for a second, we went from being down well over fifty percent plus, to now seeing our entire portfolio do a full 180 degrees turn where we are now deep in the money for several of our positions. And this entire rollercoaster ride has played out in just less than a 2-3 month timespan. 

So just remember this if you’re ever feeling discouraged that the stock edition of our challenge has been seemingly stagnant and lagging behind our crypto portfolio to this point. Because if there’s one thing that I can guarantee you, is that market sentiment can CHANGE FAST. And this holds true whether your investing in crypto, stocks, or both. For example, for stocks look no further than just last year, when the stock market bounced back in record time after crashing more than forty percent due to covid and lockdown fears. Also after recovering within a matter of weeks, it immediately proceeded to go on one of the most parabolic bull runs that the world has ever seen. 

THE NEXT 100X OPPORTUNITY (we are beyond early..) 

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1 ) So its now been just 2 days after posting this trade alert on patreon, and our crypto portfolio is now UP OVER $7,000 IN GAINS, which is an almost 50% return on our investment in just a couple of weeks.. now that’s PARABOLIC! 

2 ) I also just want to give a MAJOR SHOUT OUT to all of the incredible people who contribute so much value to the conversations happening all over in our discord. You guys are awesome and you are without a doubt what makes our family over here so special! Also with that in mind, I just revealed the winners of our August Discord Contest over on our 🏆contests channel, PLUS tomorrow I’ll be announcing the start of a NEW MASSIVE CONTEST!

3 ) I’m BEYOND EXCITED to announce that going forward all of our Weekly Discord Q&A’s will now be VOICE BASED! Meaning that I’ll no longer be limited to only text based replies and you’ll now be able to instead hear me answer your questions LIVE AND IN-DEPTH! Also I believe this change will enable me to answer more questions as well as answer them more clearly since I can definitely talk faster than I can type. And so with that being said, I’ll be hosting our next Q&A sometime next week, as I’m currently waiting on a bunch of studio equipment that I just ordered to arrive, which will help make it so much easier for me to go live with you guys, much more frequently! 

So I can’t wait to chat with all of you, and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week ❤️

Much love,