Podcast Episode 3: What the hell is happening with Cardano? Why Tesla stock is going to $10,000, and why you should never sell your most profitable investments


0:15  Tesla Stock is going to $10,000

6:07  Chainlink vs. Solana

9:45  What you didn’t know about Bitcoin.. this will blow your mind!

14:33  Best Platform to Buy Crypto + How to Access my Portfolios

16:07  Why you should never sell your winning investments and how to avoid paying a single penny in taxes!

19:10  Dividend Stocks?! No thank you.

21:49  My thoughts on Teladoc

23:15  Identifying Projects like Solana Early On

27:10  Don’t have enough money to Invest?! Battling Adversity!

31:15  Learn a High Income Skill (Side Hustles)

32:41  Voyager Digital still a Good Investment?!

36:17  Secrets to Becoming an NFT Millionaire

39:20  The REAL reason people are willing to pay $300K+ for a watch..

42:02  My thoughts on LUNA

43:08  The KEY to Building a High Growth Portfolio

45:25  How to know EXACTLY when to Sell a Stock!

47:56  What the f*ck is happening with ADA?!

50:58  Palantir: The Future is Artificial Intelligence