Podcast Episode 2: The secret to finding high growth stocks, the one stock should have in their portfolio, and preparing for hyperinflation


0:36  How do you fight off the temptation to sell early and cash in profits, when you’re already up huge on a position?

4:38  How do you know what percentage of your portfolio you should allocate to a specific stock? (Risk Management)

8:16  Should you use stop losses to limit your downside? Also, what other strategies do you use to limit your risk in case a stock in your portfolio starts dropping fast..

11:25 What is the best way to move your stocks from Robinhood onto TD Ameritrade?

13:30  Should I use a margin account?

15:12  How do I find winning high growth stocks? Teach us how to fish!

21:35  Seeing that mass adoption of 5G is around the corner, what are the industries that we should be investing in to capitalize on this?

23:36  What is the best way to see your portfolio?

24:45  Out of your entire portfolio, I am going to pick one stock to start off with, which one do you recommend? Very hard to pick, help!

27:58  My thoughts on NIO Stock + The risk of dilution, due to them having $235 million in convertible debt outstanding

31:18  How can we protect ourselves from hyperinflation that might be coming soon? And even more importantly, what steps can we take as investors to fight off inflation in general?