BONUS Episode: The Secret to Achieving Financial Freedom + How to turn your Portfolio into an Income Generating Machine!


1:00  Achieving Financial Freedom and the Importance of your Earning Power

12:00  How to Start your very own Side Hustle (Becoming an Entrepreneur)  

27:03   Turning your Portfolio into an Income Generating Machine 

30:56  My Current Perspective on HIMS 

35:31  AUG PLTR Call Options 

38:04  Another tech bull run?

41:18  Invest in Palantir Now or Wait? 

42:47  Thoughts on AMC’s Short Squeeze Potential 

44:09  Would you invest in Ford or GM? 

45:21  What percentage of our portfolio should be invested in Crypto? 

47:09  Best Gaming Stocks? 

49:03  What happens after we reach our goal of $100,000 in our Challenge Portfolio? 

51:32  The End of Chinese Stocks? 

57:11  Setting Money Aside (Fear of Covid) 

58:06  Curiosity Stream’s Future 

59:23  Should we continue Dollar Cost Averaging into HIMS? 

1:00:30  Dividend Stocks?

1:02:00  NIO vs. TELADOC

1:03:58  Charles Schwab merging with TD Ameritrade 

1:06:02  Lucid Motors Bright Future?