Exclusive Q&A #3

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0:23  How would you compare Ford Rivian and Lucid?

2:51  In your last podcast you said instead of selling out of your most high conviction investment, to get a line of credit and use your stock as collateral. Can you give an example of how to do this?

10:42  Thoughts on Square? how about Square versus PayPal?

12:25  Updates on ADA, and and my current thoughts on CURI

19:03  Insights on lemonade? Still bullish?

21:32  How do you do your analysis on a stock? how do you decide your entry and exit points?

26:45  Thoughts on RSKD and Alibaba?

28:33  OK to keep investing in Cardano?

30:23  Is DraftKings a good entry around $35?

31:32  Can you cover Palantir?

35:05  Thoughts on HIMS?

38:58  What are your thoughts on the current state of the market?

42:41  I have some Tesla leaps with good profit. Should I book the profits or wait? 

45:23  What do you think about the Metaverse? Will you be investing in Metaverse crypto or stocks?

48:09  More questions about lucid

49:47  Thoughts on using margin?

54:26  Life update; where I’ve been, and why I haven’t been uploading on YouTube

58:28  Do you have any exit strategies for crypto, or do you plan on holding through the highly anticipated crash?