Exclusive Q&A #2

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2:34  Thoughts on Powell’s speech and potential for early tapering

6:35  What’s happening with Nio?

9:53  The Rivian IPO! 

11:00  Palantir still a good investment?

15:02  Achieving financial freedom

18:51  Binance getting banned?!

20:31  Concerns about Voyager Digital 

24:31  Does Lucid have a chance to compete against Tesla.. 

28:41  The upcoming Cardano Summit

31:13  How does your strategy change once you reach financial freedom?

35:17  Tesla’s valuation in 10 years

37:51  Voyager & earning interest

39:37  Thoughts on investing into ETFs

44:51  Buy stocks every paycheck or wait until I have a larger amount ready to invest? 

45:55  Are you invested in real estate?