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Exclusive Q&A #9

So let’s make this very clear, what we’ve experienced in the stock market to date is far from normal. In fact, these are the kinds of outlier events that will likely be talked about in the finance textbooks for decades to come.

Exclusive Q&A #8

The trap that nearly all retail investors fall for, selling covered calls, and what we’ve all been waiting for..

Exclusive Q&A #7

My Thoughts on Ukraine vs. Russia and it’s Impact on the Markets

Exclusive Q&A #6

There seems to be a lot of red and blood in the market these days, and I know the sinking feeling you get every time you check your portfolio only to feel like there is no end in sight. But know this: the patient investors WILL be rewarded immensely from not folding during times like this. So the question becomes… how badly do you REALLY want it?

Exclusive Q&A #5

How I made $25,000 from a single trade, the one advantage that us retail investors have over Wall Street, and how to get 20% guaranteed returns by investing in these types of stocks!

Exclusive Q&A #4

What on earth is happening with HIMS, NIO and ADA?! What you need to know about the current state of the market, and the imminent market crash that no one is talking about…

Exclusive Q&A #3

What you need to know about investing in Square, Lemonade, Palantir, HIMS, Alibaba, and CuriosityStream; Metaverse investments, and why I haven’t been uploading to YouTube lately…

Exclusive Q&A #2

What you need to know about investing in Voyager Digital and the VGX token, is Palantir still a good investment, and a breakdown of Tesla’s massive valuation in 10 years

Exclusive Q&A #1

Revealing my crypto buys in this next market dip, how long it actually takes to build a $100K portfolio, and investing in NFTs..