Diamond Q&A #5: How to build your wealth faster + never pay capital gains tax again!


1:18  A strategy you can use to build your wealth drastically faster!

11:54  How the ultra wealthy avoid ever paying taxes, and how you can do the same!

20:41  Investing $1,000 between PLTR & NIO

23:01  Total amount of Cardano (ADA) Staked will increase?

24:40  How to find a better mortgage rate, when limited options geographically?

26:12  Massive Impact of the Infrastructure Bill on Tesla

28:36  Blockchain ETF, worth investing?

29:59  How to invest $100,000 from a Secure Line of Credit

31:19  Thoughts on HIMS, FRX, NIO, and CCIV

36:58  Update on Voyager Digital

39:15  My future goals, billion dollar company?!

43:12  Selling Tesla Cash Secured Puts

44:19  How to invest in Voyager from the UK

45:28  Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

45:58  Adding Bitcoin to a Roth IRA