Diamond Q&A #4: The one mindset shift that changed my life forever, protecting your crypto, and the best cryptocurrency to beat all cryptocurrencies


1:05  Exploring the Massive Opportunity with Voyager Token (VGX)

17:45  This Simple Mindset Shift Changed My Life Forever. 

25:07  Investing in Call Options during a Correction

26:30  How to Properly Protect your Cryptocurrency

27:59  Cardano (ADA) the best Cryptocurrency?!

31:37  Affiliate Marketing Explained 

34:50  What price point should you invest in ADA and should you stake your tokens?

36:41  How much lower can the markets go?!

38:17  My thoughts on RIDE and WKHS

41:54  Ledger vs. Digital Wallet

43:54  What is a Stock Warrant?

46:45  NIO at risk of getting Delisted?!

49:11  What are my other businesses, besides investing?

59:44  Thoughts on SPACs