Diamond Q&A #3: Managing your emotions in volatile markets, powerful habits, and Tesla’s mind-blowing growth potential


0:10  Current State of the Market + Treasury Bonds Impact Explained + How to Manage your Emotions!

12:18  Multiple Gems: Powerful Habits, Mindset Shifts, and Realizations that have unquestionably changed my life for the better!

24:01  CCIV / Lucid Motors

26:06  When there is a market correction or crash, how do you decide when to spend your available money?

29:28  My thoughts on Palantir

32:02  What SPACs am I looking at? 

33:27  Concerned about PLTR August Call Options

35:41  Is Tesla still a buy? 

37:11  Thoughts on RIDE & GBTC? 

38:36  Shouldn’t we have kept more cash in 10K to $100K+ Challenge Portfolio? 

40:03  How do you stay focused on your high conviction plays, when there was so much euphoria and FOMO going on everywhere in the market? Especially with some stocks having crazy gains seemingly overnight!

45:03  Selling Put Options: What happens when the buyer exercises the contract? Do you automatically see the obligated shares in your account if it falls below strike price by the expiration date? 

47:44  What is a good hardware wallet for crypto?

49:01  Since I don’t have access to invest in ARKG directly, I allocate my exposure to CRSP and PACB. any fundamental change about CRSP and do you recommend adding one more stock like DRTX or SRPT to get more genomic exposure?

51:20  How much more upside does Tesla realistically have?

55:32  Here I elaborate on my mentality when buying shares, and I also reveal how many shares of Palantir I plan on growing my position into