Diamond Q&A #2: The one thing that will make you unstoppable, how to develop a high growth mindset, and everything options


0:00  Gem 1: Knowledge = Unstoppable 

14:38  Gem 2: Option Greeks Explained + Bonus Resource 

20:42  What books do you recommend for developing a high growth mindset? 

22:17  I make $100K a year day trading, should I start an S-Corp to save on taxes?  

23:30  How do you know which stocks to prioritize when dollar cost averaging in, since we only have limited capital?

25:42  How do you do research, plus what’s the best source to find information about a company’s potential upcoming catalysts?! 

28:36  What’s your recommendation for people who are just starting out investing? 

30:06  What percentage of your portfolio should be allocated to options trading, and how do you know when to sell an options contract? 

31:58  My thoughts on SPACS + Penny Stocks 

35:05  Best advice for saving on taxes!

37:55  What are the best type of stocks to buy during a Market Crash?!

39:36  The Time Value of Options Explained 

43:02  Can I still join the 10K to $100K+ Challenge?

43:32  What is the best stock to hold for the next 5 years, if you had to just pick one?

45:00  What website do you use get information on the fundamentals of a company? 

45:30  What are you thoughts on Moderna, Novax, and J&J are they a good buy now? 

46:13  How to double my account by the end of this year?!

48:05  Fellow Perfectionist <3

48:30  My Source for Cold Hard Statistics 

50:23  Should I close my Robinhood Account?

53:47  Do you ever sell your long positions?

56:26  Technical Analysis + Seeking Alpha

58:34  Expanding Watchlist

58:58  I struggle with calculating an option’s max profit and loss, are there any resources that can help me?

1:00:16  Palantir Call Options