Diamond Q&A #1: How compounding returns will make you rich, making $100K from $10K, and when to sell a stock


0:10  Multiple Gems (The Power of Compounding Returns, The Time Value of Money, How to Build a High Growth Portfolio, and the Pareto Principle’s impact on both your investments and your overall happiness)

16:35  What’s your take on ETFs? 

18:13*  Can we realistically earn 30% annual returns over a long period of time, like 10 years?

19:46*  What’s your recommendation for new Tesla investors? Is it still worthwhile to concentrate your investments into this company?

23:45  What are your thoughts on ChargePoint? 

24:52  Going all in on options? 

26:17  Which banks would you recommend for Patreon Members living abroad?

26:46  How often will you be adding new stocks to the 10K to 100K challenge and what timeframe are you expecting to reach our goal? 

27:39*  How do you feel about the Genomic Sector and Gene Editing? 

29:04  We have yet to see a significant bear market in the past decade, besides the short term covid recession. Other bear markets have lasted years. What’s your advice to get through these times?

31:03  Thoughts on Apple’s Car? 

33:38  What’s your position on Cryptocurrency? 

35:00  Is it risky to have a large portion of our portfolio in EV stocks? 

37:05  What are the factors to consider when buying options? Also what is the right time to sell our NIO & XPEV options? 

39:27  Thoughts on Nano Dimensions? 

40:30  Do you buy OTC stocks? 

42:32  Thoughts on Alibaba, and the potential for Chinese companies to get Delisted? Also is it worth adding to a position even though the price has already ran up a lot? 

45:29  How much buying power should we have available? 

46:14  Predicting stock movements, based on Charts & Candlesticks 

47:10  Microsoft vs Apple

47:33  How do you pick winning stocks, and figure out the best entry points?

48:40*  What are your thoughts on Lemonade?

51:20  Will Toyota’s Hydrogen Technology impact Tesla?

52:31  Thoughts on Palantir? 

53:36  Should I buy bonds?

54:17  How do you decide when to sell a stock? 

55:07*  Advice for starting a business and becoming an Entrepreneur 


* means that I’ve added some additional information to my answers while editing the recording, so even if you attended the live event, you should definitely relisten to these parts in particular to get some additional insights